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HISTORY OF WESTERN BERKS PHYSICAL THERAPY – Western Berks Physical Therapy was founded in 1992, to meet the growing need for physical therapy services in western Berks County and eastern Lebanon County. Learn More »
MISSION STATEMENT and FOUNDING PRINCIPLES – Western Berks Physical Therapy has remained true to the mission it began over 20 years ago when we set our initial course. Learn More »
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS – The clinical staff at Western Berks Physical Therapy continues to maintain all state required licenses and required CEU’s. Learn More »
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE – Western Berks Physical Therapy is an independent practice that accepts ALL patients through physician referral or DIRECT ACCESS. Learn More »
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Western Berks Physical Therapy has remained true to the mission we began years ago when we set our course: To inspire our patients to attain all of their rehabilitation and wellness goals.  Our success is measured by the level of function our patients regain utilizing every skill, we as physical therapists, possess.  We give each patient positive direction and education so that they may continue their journey to a stronger body, a healthy mind, and a renewed spirit.

We were founded in 1992, to meet the growing need for physical therapy services in western Berks County and eastern Lebanon County areas.  With our newest facility in Wyomissing, we are able to provide the same great physical therapy services to those in the central Berks County region.

Our facilities offer the opportunity to access exceptional health care at two convenient locations.  Staff members work with patients to provide flexible treatment times to fit busy schedules.  Call us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your physical therapy needs.

Why Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists treat injuries and also use techniques to improve the body’s wellness.  Our physical therapists increase functional skills and movement through a variety of means including exercise, body mechanics, strengthening and weight management.   Other techniques are used as well including manual therapeutic massage, ultrasound, whirlpool and electrical stimulation.

Today’s physical therapist plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life for millions of Americans.  More than 350,000 individuals are treated by a physical therapist every day. Our therapists are all Doctors of Physical Therapy, and Direct Access licensed, assuring a higher quality of care and caring!

How Can I Qualify for Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can be prescribed by a doctor.  Each patient is free to choose where he or she would like to receive physical therapy.  However, Pennsylvania is now a Direct Access state, so clients can come directly to physical therapy for 30 days, without a prescription.

Either way, our physical therapists evaluate and prepare a treatment plan in accordance with the patient’s or physician’s directives.  This plan is individually tailored to meet the goals and objectives of each patient to minimize pain, restore movement and maximize functional skills. With our quality of care and results second to none, why go anywhere else?